You Are Light- Your Light is Needed
Jade Green TNC

Meditation in Schools & prisons, Womens' march

Have you guys been hearing about schools replacing detentions with a meditation? I've even heard of prisons experimenting with painting the walls light pink or having pink uniforms. They're planting gardens in schools & in prisons, and the results are really getting people thinking. A few of my thoughts on this: If you put your energy on the weeds, they will grow. If you put your energy on the flower and water it, it will grow.. I think that punishment in certain extents is less empowering. It's shameful and focuses on the negative. Creating a new paradigm (or rediscovering a very ancient one) and making the conscious choice to put more energy towards building something good, humanizing people (even the ones who have been sentenced to cages, like animals) can only do good. Honoring the oneness within us will be a huge step. What I noticed at the women's march was the sheer unity.. how without "unfortunate" circumstances, how would I have experienced such oneness with hundreds of thousands of strangers? The best part was that I couldn't have found 2 people there who shared 100% of their beliefs. But seeing the creativity, the art, the support and unconditional acceptance, it inspired me. It left me with a sense of hope. To me, that's what we all need.. hope. It's something few people in prison have, especially if they carry a life sentence. Yet, if those people got in touch with that piece of themselves that isn't limited to their sentence, their physical bodies or a cell they call home.. how would that change things for them? We all know that people who have nothing to live for are the most "dangerous", they have nothing to lose. But what if they do? What if they could lose things like peace of mind, sense of separation, fear and anxiety, or connection with spirit? They can, of course.. but what if they knew it? How could that change their lives, all of our lives? There's a documentary coming out called Inside Peace, it documents the lives of 3 criminal offenders going through a Peace Class to rediscover their inner light, their "humanity" as it's described by Studio View Productions. I can't wait to see it and see what all of you think! Please comment with your ideals on other ways we can spread healing to children, men & women! Thank you for your time & energy, Jade