You Are Light- Your Light is Needed

Emotional Healing


Many currently suffer a depression of their unexpressed emotions, wounds, childhood traumas, and struggle with their core issues- lies that people believe or agreements they made with themselves. Contracting and affirming that they aren't worthy of love or they aren't smart, that they don't deserve abundance or success- health or wealth. To break those agreements we have to first intend on doing so. Setting intentions is powerful, the energy will flow where your attention goes. As the author of our lives and our short time on this green planet, we take responsibility for the reality we create. The frequency we vibrate on directly determines what circumstances and people will intersect with our paths. What determines this frequency? In my experience and humble opinion, there are some main culprits that come to mind which program our subconscious and directly influence our frequency and contribute to creating each present moment. 

Food- This is the one I'm most familiar with. In my last blog post on living vs dead foods I delved deeply into this topic, but for short, every food, just like every color, vibrates at a different frequency. Some higher (sprouts, fresh raw juices, nuts/seeds, fermented foods, organic fruits and clean spring water). These foods will give you clean fuel, and nourish you. Lower frequency foods (microwaved, packaged, processed, pasteurized, dead animals, chemicals/ hormones/ toxins and other "dead" foods) will not only lower your frequency, but you will take on those attributes- foggy, hormonal, aggressive, the lower frequency emotions. Feelings of lack of abundance, jealousy, sadness.. See, 95% of our body's serotonin is in the gut! Not the brain. (Medical News Today says that Serotonin is thought to be especially active in constricting smooth muscles, transmitting impulses between nerve cells, regulating cyclic body processes and contributing to wellbeing and happiness.Serotonin is regarded by some researchers as a chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood balance, and that a deficit of serotonin leads to depression.) The point of "Holistic" medicine or healing is that you look at the body as a whole. Connected. Not a bunch of isolated symptoms or unconnected pieces. If you want to have a balanced happy mood, eat a balanced happy diet! If you want to be happy and feel vibrant- eat happy colors on your plate that vibrate at a high frequency! Use lots of oranges and yellows- peaches, pineapples, goji berries, cantaloupe, carrots, oranges.. You get the idea! Program your body with clean foods- it not only raises your vibration, but it sends the message that you love yourself & feel you deserve good clean foods. Which does what? Programs your subconscious with good vibrations and sets the intention to clear some stagnant blockages in the solar plexus and sacral chakras. This too can eliminate some emotional poison! 
Lifestyle & Activity Level- The first thing most people will tell you to improve mood- psychologists are at the top of the list- is to get outside! get some of that healing sunshine, get moving, breath in that life force energy - Qi - Prana - or what have you. Get moving, get that sunshine in and boost your mood with nature! Take a stroll or read your book with your feet in the ground! The sun is healing, the earth is healing and you'll get a good dose of electrons while you're at it! As well as improved sleep. Having your body communicate with the ground often restores your circadian rhythm while communicating with your pineal gland. Vitamin N- Nature!

Herbs- Herbs like St. John’s wort, Wild Lettuce, Spearmint, licorice root, ginseng root, lemon balm leaf and ashwaganda leaf have been used to treat depression for thousands of years. When making tinctures, a lovely herbal lady I adore taught me to include feverfew, because it breaks through the blood-brain barrier and this is vital for those with depression! Contact me for a Happy Juice tincture or Happy Pills.

Thoughts- Your thoughts- and especially your self-talk, should be positive, loving, uplifting and not full of judgement, self-hate, or fear-based emotions. They should inspire you! Not control you or be overwhelmingly flowing one on top of the next. Try being aware of your thoughts for a day or two. It is like working out a muscle- it must be exercised and practiced. You will see as you practice positive self talk, your relationship with yourself is improving. You feel you deserve better foods. You make healthier choices because your love for yourself is growing. You are evolving, you are healing.

What are the thoughts that typically come up? Worries of security or financial needs, worries about who you are or self judgment, worries of relationship or other concerns.. Where your thoughts are centered will be imbalances in your life. When one comes, try replacing it with truth. Using financial worries as an example, have you ever not had enough? Have you gotten to the point of  starving? Chances are, no. You have always had just enough to be taken care of. Try replacing your worry with a loving thought. At first it may seem silly, practice. "I am abundant. I am always taken care of. I am grateful for what I have. I am always given what I need in every moment.” Doing the Gestalt Work or Mirror work for 30 days can REALLY be beneficial.

Television/Music/Environment- In my experience, the Tell-Lie-Vision is feeding the masses far more than they realize. Whether it’s through their news-feed or TV/ads people are now being literally mentally stimulated and fed information all day.  The TV channels energy and programs the subconscious. It is wise in my opinion, if you’re going to program yourself to do it with healthy, high vibe information and healing. Or at the very least, not with violence, gossip, mindless escapes or drama. The main reason for this is that they re-ignite thoughts to begin spinning in your head, and the mind does not know the difference between the lady on TV running for her life getting shot at or you going through the same circumstances. This more often than not triggers the parasympathetic mode and your body’s flight or flight response. Your amazing body, being as amazing as it is, dedicates the majority of it’s energy towards this, putting “unnecessary” functions of the body in the backseat. This means immune function lowers for 6 hours or so; virtually shutting off. The body produces adrynaline & cortisol; stress hormones. Many other functions occur metaphysically and energetically; emotionally especially. Be sure and fill your mind with good healing frequencies, images & scenarios with people who laugh, succeed, celebrate! It will change your paradigm from those scenarios where people are running, being hurt, suffering, cheating, lying & scamming. Watch your mood & health go from suffering to succeeding! Train your brain & feed your subconscious with positivity & healing.