You Are Light- Your Light is Needed
Jade Green TNC

9 Holistic Pregnancy Tips

While the body is shedding it's uterine lining, it must rebuild one that is nutrient dense. So nutrient dense that it can sustain life! If you're not consuming enough vitamins & minerals, the blood cannot supply it for baby. The body must then source it from organs or nutrient dense bones. Same applies if the body is too acidic, blood must keep a 7.2 PH for you to stay kicking, so the body uses the most alkaline mineral available: calcium, "borrowing" it from bones. Read More

Jade Green TNC

Your Food Vibrates, Too!

Just as emotions and matter are all vibrating at their own unique frequencies~ every food you eat vibrates at a different frequency. Some frequencies bring healing, while others bring dis-ease to the body systems and energy systems... Read More

Jade Green TNC

Emotional Healing

Many currently suffer a depression of their unexpressed emotions, wounds, childhood traumas, and struggle with their core issues- lies that people believe or agreements they made with themselves. Contracting and affirming that they aren't worthy of love or they aren't smart, that they don't deserve abundance or success- health or wealth. To break those agreements we have to first intend on doing so. Setting intentions is powerful, the energy will flow where your attention goes. As the author of our lives and our short time on this green planet, we take responsibility for the reality we create. The frequency we vibrate on directly determines what circumstances and people will intersect with our paths. What determines this frequency? In my experience and humble opinion, there are some main culprits that come to mind which program our subconscious and directly influence our frequency and contribute to creating each present moment. Read More